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Category: Remote PC Access Services (AKA Windows Remote Desktop Services)
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Ammyy Admin Review

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Ammyy.com focuses on allowing you to support clients and colleagues remotely. With a small download, you can easily add new users to your network, which can grow to up to 1000 users. The site even offers a free version of their software for personal use. 

There are 4 packages to choose from. The free option allows individuals to connect with machines for personal use. You can run one session (or two if you’re viewing other people’s machines), providing a means for remote support, training, sales, administration and more. You can also transfer files, a feature which most free versions of remote access software won’t offer.

Additional free features include a contact book for keeping track of users you have engaged with, free minor upgrades and audio chat options. In short, this is one of the most versatile free software options available in the remote access market.

So what do paying users receive? Well, for a start, you can have many more users under the umbrella of your licence. This can extend up to 1000 members, making each user’s subscription charge significantly cheaper in the long run. 

The Starter v3 package allows you to run an unlimited number of concurrent sessions, view activity logs (to check on how much the system is being used) and customize Ammyy Admin to suit your personal requirements. These personalization features extend to logos and icons, as well as being able to choose who can or cannot access a session. Subsequently you have a greater degree of control. 

It’s worth noting that the free and Starter packages have possible access limits if the software is used for more than 15 hours per month, and that restrictions can be changed without notifying users. This could put a serious crimp in your work if you haven’t taken this into account early on.

The Premium and Corporate v3 options don’t have a time limit and they also allow you to bypass firewall security. This is important for efficient transfer of files and for using certain remote access features, meaning the system should run more smoothly. You can also get free access to a high performance multi channel router when you pay for over 50 licences. In a nutshell, the more expensive options allow for a smoother ride over all.

Some features appear to be lacking, though. There’s no mention of multi-screen functions, video options or taking on admin roles once you’ve taken control of a machine. It’s a little unclear, then, if this software is better suited to individuals, groups, large organizations, customer care providers, IT departments, or someone else completely. From our explorations, we feel that Ammyy.com is probably most suitable for small, medium and large businesses who would benefit from file sharing and training tools.

With a very generous free sample, it’s definitely worth giving ammyy a try. Whether or not they have everything you need is another matter, but their prices are very competitive and they allow large numbers of users to perform remote access tasks concurrently. 

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