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Tight VNC is a free remote PC access tool for Windows or Unix. It allows you to view and control another PC and offers password protection, but has relatively few features and no encryption. Whilst there is a download for Android devices, it is not suitable for Macs and several alternative operating systems.

To say that Tight VNC is basic, would be quite an understatement. Remote PC access doesn’t get more bare bones than this. But that’s not necessarily a problem for everyone. If you simply want to help out friends or family by taking control of their computer to fix a problem, it ought to do the job.

There are a few key issues which can’t be ignored though. Foremost, there is currently no data encryption, which means that using it is a security risk. We’re also not sure how well VNC performs through protective barriers such as firewalls, so you may find that these need to be switched off, opening yourself up to potential threats. The site recommends installing an SSH server, but this is an additional step which could get complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing.

As we briefly mentioned, this software is not available for any platform other than Windows or Unix. This is quite disappointing because it excludes a lot of other platforms and makes connections unworkable in many situations. Still, it’s fine if your machine and the controlled computer are using either of those two compatible operating systems.

There are no multi-screen options, printing options, system management tools or analysis features, and many other key features are missing (which you almost always find on other remote access systems). This means that the uses are limited. You also need to download and install a file, so you cannot instantly connect with a client as they’ll need to install the software too. 

The positives are that you can access files and applications on another workstation. There are a few glitches here and there, but basically the system works. And, it’s free! You won’t be charged a cent to use this system for as long as you like. The user interface wasn’t quite as simple as you might be used to as there is no drag and drop feature, but after a little practice you shouldn’t struggle too much.

Over all, if you need a very basic tool to help someone through an IT problem, TightVNC.com might offer you the solution you’re looking for. But you have to accept that there’s a certain risk in using it, and that it’s not as functional as other options that are around. If you really need remote access and you can’t afford to pay for it, there are free trials out there. However, Tight VNC is also a back up option.

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