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Category: Remote PC Access Services (AKA Windows Remote Desktop Services)
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Log Me In Pro is an easy-use, highly developed and comprehensive remote access software. You can download an app or access files through a browser, and it allows you to share data or control systems in a network of up to 50 machines. 

Image you’ve just gone on holiday, leaving the stresses of work behind. Then your phone rings. You look, it’s the boss. This one can’t be ignored. You pick up and she asks you where File X is, and why Norbert in Finance doesn’t have access to the spreadsheets you were meant to have taken from Sarah. Uh oh.

But don’t panic, because you’ve got your tablet with you and you’d installed Log Me In before you left home. This system allows you to remotely access other computers on the same network, and share files. Consequently, you can easily log into your office computer or find the files on the cloud bank, and send them to your boss (or Norbert or Sarah or whoever else isn’t checking their holiday diaries!)

What sets LogMeIn.com aside from some of its competitors is its range of easy-use features and the overall level of control you have as a user. Let’s run through a few of those key features and how they function...

Remote control is easily achieved. First, each machine you wish to access must be part of the network. This only requires someone to sign up and install an app, or create a browser-based log in for access to the cloud bank (essentially an online storage area which can be accessed by people on your network). You can then access shared files, or request control of a machine with just a few clicks.

LogMeInPro offers multi-monitor display options, which allows you to interact with and view all of your displays at the same time. As such you can see what’s on the screen of multiple devices at one, so you can compare information or try to work out where a file might be without having to switch off your desktop view.

  The cloud options allow users to download files from anywhere, so there’s no problem if you have a colleague at the other side of the world who is working when you’re all asleep.  

With the more expensive packages, up to 50 people can be included in a network, which is secured with passwords, control requests and authority clearance. You can also extend control to other users, allowing someone in a different office to take over your machine, or someone else’s machine, which is really handy if you’re doing something particularly technical which you don’t have the skills for. This tool is also useful for web conferencing, where certain users are able to take control and highlight particular information.

File transferring is a key function of any remote access service, allowing you to copy or synchronize files so that everyone is looking at the correct document. It also allows you to gain access to files which you don’t have or have forgotten to transfer. The cloud options allow users to download files from anywhere, so there’s no problem if you have a colleague at the other side of the world who is working when you’re all asleep. Farewell, late night calls from panicked interns! 

Other notable features include mobile access (which functions in much the same way, but using a phone or mobile device) and remote printing. This service might also be combined with LogMeIn’s range of other products, which includes Cubby, join.me, BoldChat, Remotely Anywhere and Xively. 

The site offers several packages, each of which provides the same features for a varying number of machines within the network. Obviously, the more machines you include, the cheaper it becomes on a machine by machine basis. Each contract lasts for one year, so if you’re looking for a short term option for just one or two machines, then this might not be ideal. However, the site does offer a free trial for up to 5 machines, so you can always try it out at no cost.

Paid services aren’t hugely cheap but they still offer very good value for money. After all, it’s better to pay a bit extra per year and have a flexible, working system, than one which fails or is not secure. The times when remote access are required can be some of the most important and time-specific, so it’s not going to pay off in the long run if you save a few dollars but then can’t meet a deadline because the system is down.

If you have the money, we feel that Log Me In Pro has lots of useful, functional features which can benefit most companies and individuals. Whether you’re a remote access novice, or an old hat at the file-swap game, you can’t go far wrong here.

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