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Category: Remote PC Access Services (AKA Windows Remote Desktop Services)
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Net Op Remote Control Review

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NetOp.com offers business-level remote access features with several key industries in mind. They also provide a wide range of resources, such as information on video and webinars, customer services, technical support and more. 

Essentially, NetOp Remote Control aims to help make companies run a little smoother. Its remote access tools allow you to share files and exchange information, taking control of a computer as an administrator, meaning you can make vital changes (such as installing new software or changing important settings) from the comfort of a central computer. 

There are a few recording tools which allow you to follow what’s been going on across the network, which may help in pinpointing high and low use times throughout the day, month or year. You can then focus resources into the busier times when you might be stretched a little far.

The system uses a 246 bit AES encryption, which is now pretty standard, but also allows a few extra security features such as Smartcard if you need them. Security is efficient but not too intrusive as a general rule.

Netop Remote Control provides most of the usual features found in a modern remote access service provider, although it’s worth checking the website for a full list of their features to make sure they offer everything you want. They lack details on their multi-screen support, chat options and more, for example, which might be important to some tasks.

This isn’t the simplest remote access system to work out, but it shouldn’t take too long to get used to it. They also offer free trials if you’d like to take it for a spin. Prices are above standard, and don’t offer particularly great value unless you happen to want access for large numbers. Even then, it’s unclear what the maximum number of workstations or connections can be. Again, if this is likely to cause an issue then we recommend contacting their support team for details.

NetopRemoteControl is a solid system but it’s not pushing too many boats out. It's quite expensive but also feels a little mundane, perhaps even lacking in some areas, and it’s not really designed for everyday folks in their homes. Nor is it quite as in depth in terms of management functions, which puts it in a slightly strange in-between position in our rankings.

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