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Max Focus Remote Management Review

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MaxFocus (from LogicNow) provides high-end remote access and management tools for companies and organizations. Whilst you do need to know your way around a network to make the most use of their services, they’re high quality, professional systems with plenty of tools to help you keep track of what’s going on within your network.

You might have noticed, if you read our list of features (like the good reviews-reader you are!) that many of the tools provided by Max Focus are concerned with the maintenance and monitoring of a network which allows for remote access. This is not a mirage, and we feel that this system is probably not very suitable for an individual or home use. 

If you visit the site, take a look at the features on offer – there are far more than we have listed, and the website goes into some detail as to how each of them works. We got the distinct feeling that these descriptions were aimed at the people who will manage the network, which leads us to think that it’s not the simplest system to use for anyone who isn’t IT-literate.

An interesting feature of MaxFocus Remote Management system is the ability to view information about a customer’s computer. This allows you to quickly discern whether your product will work on their machine, which operating systems you might use, and more. It also helps you to identify problems before they happen, solve issues more quickly, and keep records on the potential improvements you might make to facilitate your customers’ (technological or otherwise) capabilities.

A good number of the features are concerned with automated monitoring and alerts. Again, these help to identify issues before they occur, and therefore improve your service. Likewise, the service desk options help you to streamline customer service by offering a ticketing system. You can also monitor the progress of customer tickets to check on whether their concern has been dealt with. 

Prices aren’t available online, apparently because they think your customers won’t want to know how much you’ve been paying to improve your services. This seems a bit of a strange reason to us, but we suppose it could make sense for certain companies. Therefore, if you want to find out how much Maxfocus Remote Management is going to set you back, you’ll need to discuss it with the sales team.

Packages are tailored to your needs, so you can pick and choose what you need (or don’t need). To get some idea of what’s available and how it functions, you can try a 30 day free trial, with no pressure to continue after that period.

You can use the Max Focus system on most standard platforms, but check that it’s compatible with yours before signing up. There are also mobile apps to help customers and staff to access remote features properly. It all seems to work well, provided you know what you’re doing.

The in depth analysis tools and management features are what set MAXfocus apart from its competitors. However, these also mean that it’s more difficult to use than some of its competitors. You need a keen IT head on you, and should probably try out the free month-long trial before making any big decisions. If you get along with the remote access tools, this could be a real contender.

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