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Show My PC is one of the most feature-heavy remote PC access systems around. It offers a wide range of conferencing features, as well as allowing users to share or control desktops. In addition, its Enterprise package allows you to use your website name and access the help desk system. Prices are very competitive, and the system is easy to use.

It all sounds rather marvelous doesn’t it? Well, actually we were really impressed by ShowMyPC. Okay, it looks a bit less serious than some other remote access sites, but that’s somehow endearing. Plus, when it comes to remote access features, they’re hard to beat.

There are a few free services available, but they are rather limited. Essentially you choose to “Show your PC” for free, and are provided with a password. You can then give this password to whomever you wish to show your PC to, and they just type it in. Hey presto, you’re connected!

That’s a very simple method, and it’s quick. But the site does warn you to be very careful about how you share that password. It’s easy to imagine how such a code could get into the wrong hands, meaning your machine is open to all sorts of internet nasties.

So what’s available to paying members? Well, there are 4 packages to choose from, each offering more features and a greater quality of service as you progress. The premium account allows you to hold 3 concurrent meetings and includes a room chat. Users can access these meetings through their browser (as is the case with any of the packages on offer). A key difference between Premium and free connections is that Premium allows you to brand your session. These options are a little limited, but it’s good to have them anyway.

Other features available to all packages include the new ability to provide an access URL for every PC. This means you can simply share the URL to allow a remote access connection to begin. You can also access unattended PCs, which is great if you need something from the office but there’s nobody on the other end to accept your request.

There is an option to upgrade your account so that you can access unlimited PC's. This can significantly increase the cost of a package (Premium is $64 instead of $14 per month, for example) but it also means that you don’t need to worry about how long you’re using the service or how many PC's you’ve accessed.

The Professional package is similar to the Premium option, but with more branding features and website monitors. Business and Enterprise packages offer more support for unattended PCs, plus the ability to use your website name and a few additional features which are worth checking out. These additional features tend to revolve around improving your customer support. 

Compared with some of its competitors, ShowMyPC.com is a little less flexible when it comes to allowing you to use a variety of devices and platforms. If you’re not sure whether they’re offering what you need, please contact their customer services team for clarification.

If you’re interested in checking out Show My PC, we’d recommend trying out their free services and then giving the paid options a go. If you’re not satisfied, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose!

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