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Bomgar Review

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If you’re part of a business which needs remote access features to help clients or colleagues, whether it’s for IT solutions of Point of Sales streamlining, Bomgar might be the service for you. They support a wide range of platforms (including Windows, Mac and Linux) on a wide variety of devices (including mobile devices).

An important difference between Bomgar and some of its competitors is that it allows you a great level of control. A central account can maintain control over all the activity on the remote access network, meaning that you can check on how the service is being used, for how long, and decide whether to allow or decline access on a person-by-person basis.

As well as immediate control, you can also produce reports on remote access activities. This allows you to analyze busy or quiet periods, who has been using the service most frequently, and for how long. This can help in a variety of ways, not least to aid your understanding of whether you need to improve or reduce your remote services to staff and customers.

Those two groups are the key targets for Bomgar.com’s services. Staff might wish to use the services to access shared data which is important for their work, make presentations whilst sharing their screen, or even control another device which has the documents or software they need. 

Customers can benefit from remote access too, allowing staff members to lead them through registrations, installations, computer changes and more. If you’ve any technical computer components which you feel your clients might not be able to manage, BOMGAR’s services may prove vital.

The system functions through firewalls for a quick and efficient service. They also provide top-notch security, which they claim would satisfy government factions and banks. Again, this can all be monitored by a central control unit, adding a further level of protection against any would-be attackers. As is usual with remote PC access programs, communications are encrypted to prevent data from being stolen.

Prices are something of a mystery, and you will need to make an inquiry with the sales team to find out how much the services will cost you. This is because each service is tailored to your needs, and they don’t provide set price packages for general use. 

Bomgar is less suited towards individuals who want to transfer files between devices, or access their work computer from home (or vice-versa). It’s really got businesses in mind, although they don’t state how many workstations can be included within a network. Still, its basic features seem to work well, making it a solid option. 

Additional features are, comparatively, lacking. However, because the company makes sure each service is bespoke, identifying your particular requirements, there might be some wiggle room here. If there’s something in particular that you want to achieve, we’d recommend speaking to the customer services team to get an idea of whether or not they can deliver it.

Customer service is another area we were quite impressed with. The site offers live-chat support and you can also request an evaluation to consider your need for privileged access management. They also offer a free trial so you can find out, first hand, whether the service offers everything you require. 

To conclude: bomgar.com offers tailored remote access solutions. It’s better suited to businesses rather than individual users, and whilst it might be a little lacking in extra features, it does a grand job with the main mechanics of setting up and monitoring remote access tools.

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