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Category: Remote PC Access Services (AKA Windows Remote Desktop Services)
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Team Viewer Review

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Team Viewer offers affordable life-time remote access packages for businesses. The software functions well, and whilst you might need occasional upgrades, individuals can download the software for free! It offers a comprehensive range of tools and a reliable service.

Let’s consider the benefits to a business first. You can install this software on an unlimited number of machines if you wish. The Business package allows only 1 licensed workstation, but you can add additional stations for £79 ($123.96) or upgrade to the unlimited Premium package. The Premium package allows unlimited workstations, but only one connection running at any given time. If you think you might need several remote connections running at once, you will need to upgrade to the Corporate package.

So why might you want to access another machine and what are the benefits of the tools provided? The most simple reasons are for maintenance and data sharing. It could be useful for IT departments to remotely control a team member’s computer so they can make changes, check for problems and more, without having to make a trip to the specific office. 

Sharing data is also a great reason to consider this software. You can trade files or upload them to a communal area which can be accessed by whomever you allow. The features can also be used to host presentations and group meetings, where each member will be able to see what’s on your screen as you talk. This is similar to webinar hosting, although it’s possible to actually take control of other machines. 

There are also voice and video options available, plus the system works easily and is able to bypass firewalls to prevent interruptions to the service. In addition, the software is multi-platform enables and can be used on Mac, Windows and Linux (as well as others, including mobile devices). It is available in more than 30 languages, which means it is useful for international corporations.

Business, Premium and Corporate packages may seem a little expensive, but they are life-time purchases. There are no monthly fees to pay, so you know exactly what your costs will be at the time of purchase. That said, you may decide to upgrade in the future, which costs an additional fee. If you’re not sure whether a package will be able to perform a particular function on your machines, please check with the sales team.

Answers to frequently asked questions can be easily located on the website. You can also get help from a range of informative videos and documents. Alternatively, you can contact the team for support. TeamViewer offers a full return within 7 days if you’re not completely satisfied with your experience.

With life-long packages, unlimited workstation access and a comprehensive roster of tools, we think that TeamViewer.com has a lot to offers its members. It’s simple to use, reliable and has plenty of decent functions. What’s more, they offer a free version for personal use, which is a great way for individuals and corporations to take it for a test drive.

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