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Category: Remote PC Access Services (AKA Windows Remote Desktop Services)
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NoMachine.com is a versatile remote PC access system with plenty of managerial features. The site suggests it is for individuals and enterprises alike, though we tend to think it's better suited for business. It offers a few basic but functional features which are easy to adapt for most uses. For more in depth control, users can opt for the Enterprise edition, which allows you more control over who can and who cannot access the network.

First, it’s worth pointing out that this is a downloaded system, which requires you to install a file. This differs from a browser-based remote access service, whereby members can simply log into a website. There are various benefits and disadvantages to each. Installing software can mean that it works a little more quickly as you’re not always waiting for browsers to react. However, it also means that you cannot gain access to computers which do not have the software (unless, perhaps, if you have paid for the cloud server options).

At least the download is free and simple, so it doesn’t pose too much of a barrier if you need quick remote access. This doesn’t make it ideal for off-the-cuff customer services though, so we feel that the No Machine products are better suited to companies who have the time to install and set up the software on their various machines.

Although there are services for individuals, and the site claims it’s well set up for them, it’s mostly focused on larger corporations. In fact, on their page of feature breakdowns, NoMachine.com states that their packages are best suited to “businesses...mobile workers...organizations with multi-platform environments”. So, if you’re someone looking to access your home PC from your phone, or check on things at work when you’re on leave, the more sophisticated packages are unlikely to be suitable for you.

There are a lot of device support options. For example, multi-monitor features, switching between multiple computers, printing, file transfers and USB forwarding. This all mean that you can benefit from devices that exist elsewhere, such as printing a document in the office for when you arrive.

Security is also important and they allow Smartcard authentication, as well as Kerberos ticket authentication. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, don’t worry, you probably won’t need to bother with them for now, but they’re options somewhere in the future if you want increased security. Of course, data is also fully encrypted.

NoMachine has a lot to offer. But it’s certainly not cheap, and might be more complex than some people would prefer. Simultaneously, however, it offers services which do appear to be user friendly. Downloading the necessary software to start remote access is free, so it might be worth doing so to see if it functions how you’d prefer. Over all, We felt a little confused by the website, which tries to sell itself as easy use, whilst also promoting its complex features.

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