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Reviews of the Top 10 Remote PC Access Services of 2023

Welcome to our reviews of the Best Remote PC Access Services of 2023 (also known as Windows Remote Desktop Services). Check out our top 10 list below and follow our links to read our full in-depth review of each remote pc access service, alongside which you'll find costs and features lists, user reviews and videos to help you make the right choice.

Log Me In image
Log Me In Pro is an easy-use, highly developed and comprehensive remote access software. You can download an app or access files through a browser, and it allows you to share data or control systems in a network of up to 50 machines.  Image you’ve just gone on holiday, leaving the stresses of work behind. Then your phone rings. You look, it’s the boss....

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Go To My PC image
Go To My PC is a high performance, easy-use system for being able to access computers remotely. It works on a wide range of devices (PC, Mac, iPhones, Kindle Fires and more), and offers an array of useful features. This product is simple enough for beginners to get to grips with, but offers a few additional tools for more confident users. On the most...

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Team Viewer image
Team Viewer offers affordable life-time remote access packages for businesses. The software functions well, and whilst you might need occasional upgrades, individuals can download the software for free! It offers a comprehensive range of tools and a reliable service. Let’s consider the benefits to a business first. You can install this software on an unlimited number of machines if you wish. The Business package...

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Zoho Assist image
Zoho Assist puts a friendly face on remote access tools. It’s an easy-use system with free options for individuals, which includes remote control and chat features. Professional packages allow up to 100 computers to access the network, transfer files and more, for a low monthly or yearly fee. If you’re low on cash but want to be able to access your home machine when...

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SplashTop image
SplashTop.com supply a range of products and services to help business and institutions with IT solutions. Their remote support tools are suitable for individual users and groups. Technicians and consultants will also find practical tools for accessing colleagues’, clients’ and customers’ machines. Splash Top claims to offer unbeatable value, with low annual prices based on the number of users. Further savings can be made if...

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Ammyy Admin image
Ammyy.com focuses on allowing you to support clients and colleagues remotely. With a small download, you can easily add new users to your network, which can grow to up to 1000 users. The site even offers a free version of their software for personal use.  There are 4 packages to choose from. The free option allows individuals to connect with machines for personal use....

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Bomgar image
If you’re part of a business which needs remote access features to help clients or colleagues, whether it’s for IT solutions of Point of Sales streamlining, Bomgar might be the service for you. They support a wide range of platforms (including Windows, Mac and Linux) on a wide variety of devices (including mobile devices). An important difference between Bomgar and some of its competitors...

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Show My PC image
Show My PC is one of the most feature-heavy remote PC access systems around. It offers a wide range of conferencing features, as well as allowing users to share or control desktops. In addition, its Enterprise package allows you to use your website name and access the help desk system. Prices are very competitive, and the system is easy to use. It all sounds rather...

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Max Focus Remote Management image
MaxFocus (from LogicNow) provides high-end remote access and management tools for companies and organizations. Whilst you do need to know your way around a network to make the most use of their services, they’re high quality, professional systems with plenty of tools to help you keep track of what’s going on within your network. You might have noticed, if you read our list of...

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Screen Connect image
Screen Connect offers an array of useful connection and remote control features. Despite the intricate functions you can perform, the system is easy to use and requires no downloads or installations for clients. This makes for a quick and simple service to help fix problems remotely. Take a look on ScreenConnect.com and you’ll find a section outlining their remote support features. This is extensive,...

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Latest User Reviews

Team Viewer image
I have paid for Profesional then moved to non-paid version
User Review of Team Viewer by Large Corp! on 11 March 2020

I had loved this software in the 2009-~2013, then they shifted to an annual renewal. I had closed my business and continued to use the software for my mother in law and other family for me to assist them. TeamViewer... (Read the full review)

Go To My PC image
Be careful before you agree to this service
User Review of Go To My PC by Jerry on 17 November 2019

I have been with Go to my PC for years & their thank you was to raise me from $450.00 for 3 computers to about $1350.00 over a 3 year period. This year it went from $700.00 plus about $1350.00,this... (Read the full review)

Team Viewer image
They Ruined Their Own Product
User Review of Team Viewer by Mike H on 11 October 2019

Team Viewer started out as good product. As time has gone on, their developers have made the product so difficult to use that it has sometimes become useless. One of the issues is that one version is not compatible with... (Read the full review)

Go To My PC image
Canceling is Difficult
User Review of Go To My PC by Nothappyinfl on 31 December 2018

Try canceling this!!! Aghhhhhhhh!. There’s no way to cancel online or in the app. They have very sophisticated techniques to wear you down: 1. Ask you if you will continue/why cancel? 2. Speak didactically so every word is a confirmation... (Read the full review)

Go To My PC image
Great until they doubled the price
User Review of Go To My PC by Abe on 29 May 2018

I used this for many years. But had to cancel. They recently took my individual subscription from $9.95 per month and increased it to $23.95 per month. Its not worth that to me. In addition the review is not correct.... (Read the full review)

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