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Ultra VNC Review

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UltraVNC is a basic, but free, remote access service. With a small download you can quickly connect to other workstations and control them. There are frequent updates to download, as well as security updates so you can check if there are any common issues in its use. 

The basic version of UVNC is really simple, allowing you to access and control another computer. The range of actions you can perform is very limited, although you can exchange files and open applications. This is probably most useful for helping friends or family who have problems with their computer which you know how to fix. However you could also use it for helping customers or colleagues, if they also download the appropriate files.

This is a community built project, which means quite a few man hours have been put into its creation. Thankfully, the free upgrades mean that problems are usually quickly solved, and generally the software functions without too many hiccups. It also offers improved security over some other free remote access software packages, as you can download a plug-in to help encrypt your information.

The software must be installed on the machines you wish to access, which means that the person on the other end has to agree to download and install it. This isn’t too much of a problem with a friend, who might be patient, but it could put off a customer who needs support. Subsequently, we’re not convinced that this is ideal for customer support. There are also no branding options so the layout and appearance is somewhat generic.

Ultra VNC is also a little more flexible than some other free systems, as it is compatible with operating systems which can use Java (such as Mac OS). That said, it’s primarily set up for Windows (all the way back to Windows 95, although you will need an older version of the UVNC file for that). 

The forums offer decent advice regarding common problems, and you might get a response if you post up a problem you’re having. There are also various documents and downloads available. There’s no live support, but this is to be expected from free software. 

UltraVNC is one of the better free remote access packages available. It’s limited, but relatively safe and flexible. If you can’t afford to pay for a remote PC control service, or you don’t want to try out a free trial period, this is an option for you.

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