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Category: Remote PC Access Services (AKA Windows Remote Desktop Services)
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Be careful before you agree to this service
17 November 2019
Reviewer: Jerry from Kansas

20 of 46 people found this review helpful

I have been with Go to my PC for years & their thank you was to raise me from $450.00 for 3 computers
to about $1350.00 over a 3 year period. This year it went from $700.00 plus about $1350.00,this is crazy!
When I called the person on the phone told me that he didn't agree with their rates & didn't know how they came up with them but couldn't do anything about it. I asked him if I could cancel & he said no that I would have to cancel when the year is up.I asked to speak to a supervisor & he said they were not available. Be really careful before you end up like me. there are some good companies available & I hope you find one of them instead of these people. I will sign up with another company & start getting used to it now. My loss their gain (until everyone quits them.

In summary, I would not recommend Go To My PC to a friend.

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Canceling is Difficult
31 December 2018
Reviewer: Nothappyinfl from Florida

39 of 74 people found this review helpful

Try canceling this!!! Aghhhhhhhh!. There’s no way to cancel online or in the app. They have very sophisticated techniques to wear you down:
1. Ask you if you will continue/why cancel?
2. Speak didactically so every word is a confirmation of what has been said. A 3 min conversation ends up being 40 min.
3. Constant repetition of what was just said when you get so frustrated you demand “just cancel!”. They they start over.
4. They use a ghosting technique where they pretend they can’t hear you and gang up so you have to call back. Happened 3 times.
5. They assign you a case number. Really? For cancelling???
6. They put you on hold several times as they “research”

This is shameful, pitiful, and reprehensible “customer service”.

In summary, I would not recommend Go To My PC to a friend.

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Great until they doubled the price
29 May 2018
Reviewer: Abe from Nevada

32 of 65 people found this review helpful

I used this for many years. But had to cancel. They recently took my individual subscription from $9.95 per month and increased it to $23.95 per month. Its not worth that to me. In addition the review is not correct. They only give you a 7 day free trial not 30. Plan in being on hold for at least 15 minutes to talk to customer service. Had to wait that long just to cancel the service.

In summary, I would not recommend Go To My PC to a friend.

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Gotomypc review
27 June 2014
Reviewer: Deb from Near Lake Tahoe, NV USA

137 of 303 people found this review helpful

I've used GoToMyPC.com off and on for many years. I've used it to access my parent's computer to teach them how to find files, pictures, etc. It's been invaluable to have them see how to do something we all take for granted while being on speaker phone so they can both ask questions. Explaining what I'm doing on their computer as they see it has proved to be a necessary teaching aide. They are both in their 80's and I think I've been using GoToMyPC.com since the program came out- both as a paid customer and a trial customer. I must say I tried other programs but they were difficult to explain the set-up on their end.

I really can't think of a bad point. It's reliable and easy to use on both ends. I think the only thing I would offer as a request to GoToMyPC.com is that they have a one day fee. It would be helpful.

I find it hard to believe that I'm the first reviewer on this great program..

In summary, I would recommend Go To My PC to a friend.

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